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We have provided you with a sortable table of software for our products.

Last Updated Type Documents Size
Interface Program for Wall/Duc Mount CO2 Sensors
Interfrace Program SenseAir Hand Held CO2
Interface and adjustment software for EE30ex explosion proof/intrinsically safe humidity and temperature transmitter.
Humlog 10
Sense Air 896 Points Set
EE23 Configuration
Software for adjusting sensor outputs and scaling for EE23 Humidity and Temperature Sensor
PT9250, PT9450
User Interface Program for PT9250 and PT9450 CO2 , Temperature Hand Held Monitor: For sensor adjustment, internal data logger adjustment, and download of data logger data.
TR922X - User Interface Program for TR922X Transmitters
For scaling of outputs and other basic sensor adjustments.
Sample AirTest Energy Analysis Software For CO2 Retrofits
An Excel® based program that uses local climatic data to calculate the cost of a fixed ventilation strategy in a building vs ventilation with demand control ventilation. Contact AirTest if you would like a version of this software with weather data for your area.
The HumCalc Humidity Conversion Tool
This excel based tool allows the user to convert humidity values such as relative humidity, dew point, frost point and humidity ratio to a wide variety of humidity values. A unique feature of this conversion program is that it also calculates the uncertainty of the conversion given the inherent accuracy of the source measurement being used. The program will calculates values for: relative humidity, saturation vapor pressure, vapor pressure, dew point temperature, frost point temperature, wet bulb temperature, ice bulb temperature, mixing (humidity) ratio, saturation ratio and specific enthalpy.
Published: February 16, 2004 Last Updated: June 10, 2008